PETROPERÚ has made progress on the construction of the new Ninacaca Supply Plant, in the Pasco Region.

Among the main activities carried out by the OBS-IMECON consortium, the contractor responsible for the work, are the development of detailed engineering, earthworks and excavations, which constitute the previous phase to the foundation process, located one kilometre from the district of Ninacaca, at more than 4,100 metres above sea level.

It should be noted that at the end of this phase will proceed to the assembly of crude storage tanks, which will have a capacity of 7,500 barrels of three fuels: Diesel B5 (2 thousand barrels), gasoline 90 octane (1,500 barrels) and 84 octane (500 barrels).

Also, the new Ninacaca Supply Plant will have storage capacity for 6,104 barrels of water, to be used in its fire-fighting system; which includes motor pumps, tanks, pipe network, sprinklers, monitors, hydrants, detectors, and fire extinguishers.

The facility is being constructed to address the current and projected demand of liquid fuels destined mainly to the central region of the country. In this first phase, priority has been given to local labour.

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9th January 2019

9th January 2019