Mabanaft Energy Scandinavia (MESAS) has begun supplying Norwegian Air Shuttle and Lufthansa airlines with jet fuel at Oslo Gardermoen Airport.

MESAS says that it has a contract with a new into-plane provider at the airport, which has set up a station to refuel all Norwegian and Lufthansa planes, on- and off-hydrant. It will blend sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) into Jet A-1 to help the airlines meet Norway’s strict guidelines for aviation fuel, which include increasing bio blends.

The jetfuel will be tested by accredited laboratories owned by Circle K, to ensure that it meets the aviation fuel quality requirements for jointly operated systems.

MESAS, (which is a newly established trading company belonging to Mabanaft, itself part of energy and chemical holding company Marquard & Bahls), has access to the storage and throughput of Jet A-1 aviation fuel at the Ekeberg/Sjursøya terminal, and distribution to Oslo Airport. 

Toby Simmons, General Manager of MESAS, said: “The project was initiated in early 2018, and we have invested significantly, both in terms of time and money. We believe that improving the fuel supply to the airport will be of significant benefit to the airport and the airlines. 

“Now that stage one of the project is complete, we can continue to progress stage two, which includes investing in new rail supply infrastructure, to help meet the demand for jet fuel and improving sustainability by using the latest technology. Together with Oslo, Mabanaft currently supplies 14 airports in Great Britain and Norway.”

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7th July 2020