As part of a strategic expansion designed to meet growing customer demand following refinery closures and the increased reliance on fuel imports to the UK, Oikos Storage has completed the construction of a new deepwater jetty.

The demand for jet fuel in the South East of England alone represents 75 percent of the UK jet fuel market.

Oikos Storage has since berthed the first major ship on the Thames Estuary following the completion of the deepwater jetty as part of continuous infrastructure upgrade.

The BW Seine berthed this month weighing in at 74,998 metric tonnes. The new jetty, however, has 14.5 metres draft accommodating larger international product tankers – LR2 up to 120,000 metric tonnes deadweight, giving Oikos and its clients a significant competitive advantage in the region.

Other infrastructure investment includes the refurbishment of all tankage, which brought approximately 285,000 cbm to post-Buncefield compliance standards, and a fully automated road loading rack dedicated to aviation fuel operating on a 24/7/364 basis with access to a new high-grade road link to the major trunk routes – A13, A12.

Oikos is located 38 miles east of London on the Thames Estuary providing a convenient ingress point into the UK from the Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam region with access to both UK Oil Pipelines and CLH-PS pipelines as well as strategic access points to deliver fuel to Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead.

Tony Woodward, General Manager, of Oikos Storage Ltd, commented: “This is a proud moment for the company and is the result of nearly a decade of investment which has ensured that Oikos is one of the safest and most advanced storage terminals in Europe”.

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20th June 2019