In what has been described as “the greatest climate project in Norwegian industry ever” the Norwegian Government has submitted a white paper to parliament, proposing to launch a $2.7 billion carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in the country.

The Longship project will also fund the transport and storage project Northern Lights, a joint project between Equinor, Shell and Total.

The project has been named Longship, (Langskip in Norwegian). Prime Minister Erna Solberg said: “Longship is a milestone in the Government’s industry and climate efforts. The project will lead to emission cuts and facilitate development of new technology and thus new jobs.”

The Government has proposed to first implement carbon capture at Norcem’s cement factory in Brevik. Also, it plans to fund Fortum Oslo Varme’s waste incineration facility in Oslo, providing that the project secures sufficient own funding as well as funding from the E.U. or other sources.

Solberg added: “For Longship to be a successful climate project for the future, other countries also have to start using this technology. This is one of the reasons why our funding is conditional on others contributing financially as well.”

Northern Lights will transport liquid CO2 from capture facilities to a terminal at Øygarden in Vestland County. From there, CO2 will be pumped through pipelines to a reservoir beneath the seabed.

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22nd September 2020