An eight-hectare site at the Vlissingen port area in North Sea Port is set to house a new liquid terminal being constructed by Alpha Terminals.

The €250m tank terminal will have a storage capacity of 500,000 metres squared in 34 tanks. It will cater for a range of products including chemicals and oils.

A jetty will be constructed next to the terminal that will cater for seagoing and inland vessels.

Construction work is expected to begin next year after the necessary permits have been approved with operations due to start in 2020.

In a press release North Sea Port said it “is looking forward to the realization of the tank terminal by this Swiss investor. It is the first time that this Swiss group is active in the port. Moreover, with this increase in its traffics, North Sea Port is improving its already strong position in the liquid bulk sector. At this moment, liquid bulk takes up one third of the port’s seaborne cargo traffic.”

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8th Feb 2018

8th February 2018