IoT company Nexxiot has hired a new senior advisor to expand and commercialise the data-driven services in asset management and predictive diagnostics.

From April 2021, Bernard Guillelmon will take on an advisory role at the Swiss IoT company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

Guillelmon brings together his expertise in freight and passenger traffic railway operations and maintenance to create immediate benefits for Nexxiot clients.

Bernard Guillelmon has deep expertise in rail freight services together with an extensive industry network, which includes experience of serving in boardroom positions of prominent players like Ermewa, as president of UIC Europe and as CEO of BLS. He will position Nexxiot with key decision-makers in a global market worth billions of euros per year.

“Before Nexxiot arrived on the scene, there was always uncertainty around how many miles a particular rail freight wagon had travelled. Since those days, Nexxiot has expanded its capabilities to evaluate shock profiles, vibration patterns, maintenance activities and much more. Bernard Guillelmon will support bringing the products to the next level by engaging senior rail freight decision and align Nexxiot’s development roadmap to solve these issues,” said Nexxiot CEO Stefan Kalmund.

Kalmund continued: “With the addition of Bernard Guillelmon to the team, we can better shape our solutions to make more significant and rapid improvements for our clients business practices and profitability.”

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24th March 2021