Toro Equipment has launched its new catalogue of W-Tank® storage tanks, settling tanks, digesters and covers. It is now available to download from its website.

Toro’s tanks are made from corrosion resistant fibreglass and manufactured using flex moulding techniques. Currently, Toro Equipment produces tanks measuring up to 11m high with a maximum volume of 10,000m³.

W-Tank® offers services to help you incorporate these storage tanks, settling tanks and digesters into your wastewater treatment, waste management and biogas production projects.

It has installed more than 800 tanks for water treatment purposes, including biological tanks, MBRs and biodigesters. Other applications include drinking water, desalination, agriculture and chemical products.

Toro Equipment specialises in manufacturing tanks in GRP and equipment for treating wastewater, industrial water and urban water.

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16th June 2020