Colonial Pipeline has established a new Intra Harbour Transfer (IHT) tariff incentive programme, which it said: “provides value-added transportation services to fuel shippers in the New York Harbour area”.

It said shippers who originate at least 5,000 barrels via Colonial Pipeline’s IHT service now qualify for a discounted rate of $0.25 per barrel during the programme period of September 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.

Colonial Pipeline Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Dan Gordon, said: “Colonial Pipeline remains focused on providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of all shippers, in particular during this time of increased market fluctuation. The IHT Incentive Tariff programme provides Colonial shippers with one of the most competitively priced solutions for moving fungible and segregated products between terminals in the New York Harbour.”

The IHT service allows shippers to transfer products from certain terminals and deliver them to one of the more than 20 terminals connected to Colonial’s Linden Junction operations in New York Harbour.

Due to recent upgrades at IHT announced earlier this year, shippers can also use the IHT service to ship fungible products, as well as segregated products such as gasoline or distillate blendstocks, or segregated finished products they would like to not be commingled.

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4th August 2020