Work has got underway at Polish Oil and Gas Co. (PGNiG) on projects that use hydrogen for power generation and automotive applications. As part of this the company has just signed a contract for the design and construction of an experimental hydrogen refuelling station.

PGNiG said in a release that it will “explore the possibilities of storing and transmitting hydrogen through the gas network”. In the future, it added that it wants to launch commercial hydrogen sales and related services. 

PGNiG’s new comprehensive hydrogen programme, Hydrogen – Clean Fuel for the Future, consists of several projects, ranging from green hydrogen production, through hydrogen storage and distribution, to industrial power generation applications.

Jerzy Kwiecinski, President of the PGNiG Management Board, said: “In line with previously announced plans, we have taken steps enabling gradual diversification of the PGNiG Group’s business. We are set to build new hydrogen capabilities. We aim to expand our range to generate revenue from sales of a new fuel and related services and to help increase overall sales of gaseous fuels by PGNiG.”

He added: “By implementing the hydrogen projects in the pipeline, PGNiG will contribute to expanding the market for alternative fuels and thus will contribute to Poland’s fulfillment of EU climate policy goals.”

PGNiG said it plans to spend in excess of PLN 31m on research under the new programme over the course of the next four years.

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15th May 2020