A new Global Chief Financial Officer & Commercial Head with a long history of success in the industry, has been appointed to AG&P (Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company) – Abhilesh Gupta.

Abhilesh will spearhead the expansion of the company in India and beyond, with a focus on connecting off-grid customers across the country to affordable gas supply.

AG&P specialises in delivering pragmatic, standardised, LNG solutions that are scalable. The company controls the various functions of design, manufacturing, financing, development, operations and maintenance of LNG terminals and assets in-house, offering partners a single point of accountability for their projects. AG&P’s flexible LNG import terminals serve as ‘gateways’ for distributing smaller supplies of gas to power, industrial and other off-grid customers that are nearby or up to hundreds of kilometers away.

AG&P Chairman, Jose. P Leviste Jr. said: “Abhilesh is one of India’s most recognized experts in commercializing LNG projects with over 22 years’ experience in leading and managing international finance and commercial portfolios in LNG/natural gas and power in India and Singapore. AG&P’s singular objective is to optimize the quantity of LNG through its terminals, underpinned by our scalable designs, on day one. I am thrilled to welcome Abhilesh to our world-class global leadership team to drive our LNG vision forward.”

Abhilesh said: “AG&P brings to the LNG industry its unique approach to serve ‘power stranded’ or LNG ‘dark’ markets with pragmatic, standardized infrastructure. For the first time, the industry will have a single interface across the LNG value chain – from sourcing to last-mile delivery – that removes the complexity and simplifies the decision for customers to make the switch to LNG as an alternative fuel of choice. I am excited and privileged to be a part of AG&P’s outstanding team that is paving the way for sustaining the LNG revolution through its innovative delivery solutions.”

For more information visit www.agp.ph

1st Oct 2017

1st October 2017