Eddyfi Technologies said in an online statement that “collecting the most comprehensive and accurate NDT data results is important, but what you can do with that data is paramount.” 

With that in mind it has developed Capture™ 3.1 software, which it says “delivers new features for faster and better inspections.”

Frédéric Reverdy, Senior Technical Sales Specialist at Eddyfi said: “With Capture 3.1, our M2M Gekko and Mantis portable flaw detectors are getting a software update to keep them ahead of the curve and provide added value to our consumers. From a new TFM method to advanced analysis features, Capture 3.1 brings new tools to help inspectors improve productivity and sensitivity.”

Designed for all levels of technicians, Eddyfi described Capture 3.1 as a user-friendly complete software platform designed for all Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Phased Array UT (PAUT), Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD), Total Focusing Method (TFM) and Adaptive TFM procedures. 

With intuitive calibration wizards that require a mere three clicks to complete, it said Capture software enables phased array inspectors to improve their knowledge without extensive training.

The statement said the 3.1 version brings a lot of new features to improve productivity both for inspection and analysis. 

Reverdy added: “We were the first ones to provide TFM on a portable PAUT unit, adding another arrow to the inspector quiver to tackle difficult inspections such as High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA). We have now added a new TFM method called Plane Wave Imaging (PWI) to improve scanning speed and sensitivity. But we made sure that this new method has all the necessary tools to be code compliant right away. Amplitude Fidelity and Time Corrected Gain (TCG) are directly compatible with PWI, allowing inspectors to define new inspection procedures compliant with international standards.”

The new version of Capture also boasts the following:

  • An auto-sizing feature that automatically gives the dimensions of defects so operators can quickly decide if the indications are critical
  • 3D data exporting to visualise the ultrasonic data in the 3D view of the component
  • C-scan stitching for corrosion mapping, composite, Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC) and other inspections that sometimes require more than one file to cover the entire asset
  • Improved indicators to have all information quickly accessible and visible


Eddyfi also said it offers two major software updates a year, which it described as “an industry differentiator”. 

It added: “With these updates, we provide innovative features like PWI to keep our products ahead of the competition but also deliver more traditional tools requested by our customers. We understand that people have their way of working and that we need to match those ways. The Capture roadmap includes more features for TFM, new analysis tools but also improved ergonomics to make sure that people can transition easily from any PAUT system to our M2M Gekko and Mantis. We are committed to delivering the most advanced solutions for today but more importantly, tomorrow.”

For more information visit eddyfi.com

17th April 2020