Gulf Petrochem has changed its corporate identity to GP Global. The company the aim of the new corporate identity is to create stronger synergies across its operations and highlights the organisation’s focus on the global delivery of best-in-class service.

Chairman and Founder of GP Global, Ashok Goel said: “Our new corporate identity is a compelling testament to the evolution and transformation of our organization from a UAE-based entity to a global player. The new branding breathes fresh life into our business and highlights the opportunity areas for us to expand into even newer markets and businesses. Honouring our past and embracing the future, GP Global’s brand essence is about catalyzing mutual growth – of our organization as well as that of our stakeholders.

“Global progress and economic development require innovative and bespoke commodity solutions. That’s why we are focused on delivering comprehensive solutions to clients who are forging the building blocks of economies around the world. Our products serve the globe wherever new infrastructure is developed, and machinery and industry spin into gear, as well as drive the logistics sector that connects countries and economies. Offering turnkey solutions for our customers, we are set apart by the synergies our various business lines unlock to create sustained commercial success.”

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26th Jan 2018

26th January 2018