Emerson’s innovative new software application, Plantweb™ Insight Inline Corrosion, is designed to streamline the oil and gas industry.

The application offers insight into key performance indicators to help prioritise maintenance, make informed asset integrity decisions and improve worker safety.

Or as Emerson puts it on its website, “make manual rounds and inconsistent data communication a thing of the past. With Plantweb Insight, you have instant data interpretation of key asset health. Engineered with pre-built, industry-accepted analytics, this solution transforms sensor data into actionable insights.”

It achieves this by delivering field data from wireless corrosion transmitters, which constantly monitor instrument health and process corrosivity. 

An alert is raised if any pre-set thresholds are compromised, in areas including severe corrosivity, probe lifespan for electric resistance (ER) probes, and low battery levels. There’s also an intuitive heatmap on the dashboard, which has intelligence on corrosivity of fluid levels based on the NACE standard.

Emerson says Plantweb “seamlessly integrates into existing wireless infrastructures” and delivers field data as frequently as once every 15 minutes. 

The aim is for personnel to make fewer manual inspections in the field, which will minimise their exposure to hazardous areas. 

For more information visit www.emerson.com

15th January 2020