Compressor Controls Corp. (CCC), which is a division of Roper Technologies Inc., has been awarded multiple contracts for the Arctic LNG 2 project, it has announced in an online statement. 

The Arctic LNG 2 project, which is a major LNG development located in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Region’s Gydan Peninsula, has an expected production capacity of 19.8 million tpy.

CCC said the contracts “represent the latest collaboration between Novatek and CCC”. The two companies previously worked together on turbomachinery optimisation and standardisation for the Yamal LNG project.

Under the contracts, CCC will oversee the turbomachinery controls and optimisation of all three 6.6 million tpy LNG trains’ centrifugal compressors and expanders. In addition to spearheading anti-surge, performance, quench and other advanced controls, CCC will provide an emulator for use during the plant simulation and its eventual OTS. 

The company will also leverage specialised local and global teams, and collaborate with the field’s leading OEMs, to execute and deliver state-of-the-art control algorithms.

The Arctic LNG 2 project includes constructing three LNG trains at 6.6 million tpy each, using gravity-based structure (GBS) platforms. The project is based on the hydrocarbon resources of the Utrenneye field. Project participants include Novatek (60 per cent), Total (10 per cent), CNPC (10 per cent), CNOOC Ltd (10 per cent) and the Japan Arctic LNG consortium of Mitsui & Co and JOGMEC (10 per cent). OOO Arctic LNG 2 owns an LNG export license.

CCC Director of Global Projects, Osama Abou Shabab, said: “These contracts recognise CCC’s performance on the Yamal LNG project and allow us to continue strengthening our partnership with Novatek. We’re proud that Novatek has entrusted our global team to control all critical and non-critical machines in its hallmark Arctic LNG 2 project. CCC’s field-tested, proven control techniques and algorithms will maintain and improve the project’s targeted RAM.”

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27th April 2020