The U.K.’s National Grid is due to supply LNG to Skangas from its Grain LNG facility. The site is set to become the first facility in the U.K. to offer small-scale ship reloading facilities at its import terminal on the Isle of Grain.

Senior Commercial Manager at Grain LNG, Nicola Duffin said: “We believe the best way to encourage growth in the market is to offer competitive alternatives which ensure security of supply for small scale market participants. Grain LNG is excited to be at the forefront of developing this market in partnership with progressive companies such as Skangas.” 

Skangas is the first small-scale LNG supplier to enter into an agreement with a U.K.-based import terminal. Grain LNG, which operates primarily as a large-scale import terminal, is committed to developing an LNG break bulk marine facility to make it possible for small vessels to reload and bunker LNG.

The facility will include an extension to existing jetties to cater for break bulk marine LNG carriers up to 20,000 metres squared. This will meet the needs of Skangas’ fleet of LNG carriers.

Director of Business Development and Projects at Skangas, Dan Hramoff said: “Skangas appreciates the opportunity to source LNG from the Grain LNG terminal. This will improve supply to the small scale markets thus allowing to source LNG on more flexible and competitive terms. In the end, it will be reflected in improved offerings to our own LNG customers.”

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18th Dec 2017

18th December 2017