Chevron Lummus Global (CLG) has been awarded a contract by a Southeast Asian refiner for the license, engineering and supply of proprietary catalyst and equipment for its Lubricant Base Oil Group II Project to be built in Southeast Asia, it said in a statement. 

It said: “The new 5,200 bpd unit will employ CLG’s state-of-the-art isotreating, isodewaxing and isofinishing technologies for premium lube-base oil production.”

The refinery currently produces only Group I lube base oils. Chevron said this project will allow it to meet additional growing regional demand for premium, Group II and Group III base oils.

With the recent award of several new projects in the region and the commercialisation of its RDS technology in the 1990s, CLG said it “has a history of solid, long-standing relationships with refiners in Asia”.

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27th March 2020