Steven Van Belleghem, the world-renowned motivational speaker, will be delivering the keynote talk at StocExpo Europe 2019, which takes place on March 26-28, 2019, at Ahoy in Rotterdam.

Steven will discuss how the bulk liquid storage industry can work to win business in a world increasingly driven by artificial intelligence. Customers today hold new expectations of what benefits companies should deliver. These include the provision of hyper-personalised offerings and seamless interfaces. Steven will identify and expand upon the three areas of investment decision-makers must focus on if they are to lead AI first-companies; data leverage, effortless user interfaces and intelligence augmented.

He will also reflect on the new competitive battlefield ushered in by the rise of AI. Non-tech companies in attendance will be taught how to deal with this. Steven will stress the importance of leveraging human strengths, as he argues that human empathy, passion and creativity, will become even more valuable for companies the more digital the world becomes.

Matthew Hudson, Terminal Manager at Shell, is also speaking at StocExpo Europe 2019. His session will discuss the practical implications of implementing new oil terminal technologies. By working to modernise Shell’s terminals, Matthew hopes to deliver value both financially and in terms of safety, as tank offline time and human exposure are reduced.

Shell has invested in ROV technology in the form of robotic tank-cleaning. Hudson will talk about how he wants to take this technology further by developing submersible robots. These will be designed to enter through the roof of an oil tank into the product, removing the need to drain down the tank and break containment.

Matthew will also discuss the value he places on building professional networks in order to share knowledge. To put this into context, Shell recently called in a brain cancer surgeon who spoke about the marker dyes he uses as part of his work. These attach to certain brain cells and fluoresce under the right light. This thinking helped Matthew’s team to work towards developing marker dyes that attach to hydrocarbons in a facility; a process that functions as a leak detection service.

Matthew works continuously to develop and modernise Shell’s terminals. His talk will touch upon the very latest developments the company is trialling. Right now, for instance, the team is developing instruments to do product quality samples inline in order to provide more accurate readings and to avoid the need to break containment by pulling a physical sample out of the line.

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7th February 2019