Yemen’s Houthi rebels (a terrorist group) have claimed responsibility for a missile attack at Saudi Aramco’s North Jeddah Bulk Plant in Saudi Arabia, which caused a fire in one of its fuel tanks.

The projectile struck a 500,000 bbl storage tank, causing a 2 metre hole in its roof. The direct hit, at 3.50am local time on 23 November 2020, caused a large explosion and fire.

Onsite response teams attended the scene within a minute of the attack, and fire crews had extinguished the fire 40 minutes later. No casualties have been reported as a result of the blaze, which has put the petroleum products distribution terminal out of service.

The facility has 13 tanks and has a total capacity of 5.2 million bbl, storing diesel, gasoline and jet fuel.

According to a spokesman from the Saudi energy ministry, Saudi Aramco’s overall fuel supplies to the region have not been affected.

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26th November 2020