Matrix Service has strategically positioned resources “to meet the demands to thrive in this contango market”. It said: “Matrix remains safe, strong, agile, and prepared to deliver the necessary critical storage solutions.”

Whether you need to retrofit existing tanks or build new ones, Matrix Service said it is prepared to deliver the critical storage solutions necessary to thrive: “We have strategically positioned our resources to expedite the process and meet today’s demand.”

Expanding on this, it said: “Our highly skilled craft labor possesses the experience needed to execute work at an accelerated pace, both in the field and at our OSHA VPP Star designated fabrication facility. We have capacity to begin new projects immediately including increased manhours, and we have proven success in fabricating and building multiple tanks simultaneously and under tight schedule demands.”

It said the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about “unprecedented changes”, but that it continues to put safety first: “Our response plan has allowed us to remain fully operational. We’re honored to stand on the frontlines with our clients to support your critical infrastructure needs while keeping our employees and your jobsites safe.”

Since it has postponed its Technical Tank Training course until it’s safe to resume travel, Matrix is offering companies a high level, virtual AST overview: Introduction to API 650 Aboveground Storage Tanks.

This 90-minute course introduces basics including:

  • API 650 definitions and standards
  • Types of tanks, size and capacity
  • Basic design parameters and considerations
  • Floating roofs – internal and external
  • Tank foundations
  • Hydrotesting


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22nd May 2020