Matholding Group is strengthening its market position in water control and handling solutions through the acquisition of 51 percent of the shares in U.S.‐based OCV Control Valves LLC. 

The acquisition complements Matholding’s offering and expands their product range to include valves for all major markets. The move also introduces new products to Matholding’s process‐valve portfolio for the fuelling transfer and aviation markets as well as other process industries. 

“This acquisition represents an important strategic step for Matholding’s valve business. It expands our offering for current customer segments and provides us with the platform for products in North America and other countries to increase our presence in attractive new industries and application areas,” says Pau Relat, Chief Executive Officer of Matholding Group and Chairman of Dorot Control Valves. 

OCV valves can be found in some capacity in nearly every country throughout the world. From water supply systems in the U.S. and Canada to fire protection systems in Asia and aviation fuelling and terminal services in Europe and the Middle East, OCV supplies valves to a broad range of industries and markets throughout the world. 

The Dorot brand is equally strong in their respective markets and the acquisition reinforces Matholding’s commitment to providing water control solutions, a strong position already obtained through Dorot Control Valves, Matholding’s major pillar in water control solutions.

OCV’s know‐how and area of expertise in their respective fields, combined with Dorot Control Valves’ knowledge in waterworks and agricultural areas and its vast portfolio of hydraulic control valves and air valves, will boost Matholding’s activity and positioning as a leading solution provider in fluid transportation and handling. Together, the two companies are expected to have $60m dollars in global sales in 2018. 

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1st May 2018

1st May 2018