Antonio Nombela, business development director at Madesta, said: “Today, we are positive. We have greeted January 2021 with projects in Finland and Uruguay, which we think will be a turning point – we foresee an excellent year.”

2019 saw a worldwide expansion for the company, with projects all over Europe, the Americas and Africa, “then COVID-19 came along and dramatically changed everything”, he added.

As to how the company has bounced back, he said: “Even during flat market periods in spring, we continued to actively communicate with clients. As a result, when the market rose, we were able to receive many orders – and at the end of the year our sales came close to the indicators from the previous year. In 2020 we supplied steel products to 12 countries, with deliveries to Libya and Senegal for the first time.”

Also in 2020, the company started working with stainless steel and began to supply tank parts to Western Europe, “which in my opinion deserves a special emphasis,” he added. “Stainless steel and steel with a 9 percent Ni content will primarily be in demand for LNG projects, but the hydrogen segment is developing rapidly.”

Tanks for storing liquid hydrogen are even more metal-intensive than LNG and use a large amount of stainless and nickel-containing steel.

In conclusion, Nombela said: “Madesta never stopped. We have not only executed our jobs, with our traditional good performance, but we have prepared ourselves to cover new markets like LNG and LPG along with our traditional core business. It’s time for storage, it’s time for Madesta.”

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17th February 2021