In order to curb imported oil shortages in the east of China, Chinese state oil company Sinopec has begun to refill tanks at its Luoyang Crude Oil Commercial Reserve Base.

In its most recent statement, Sinopec said that it had stored 30,000 tonnes of Saudi medium crude oil, almost 220,000 bbl. The Luoyang Crude Oil Commercial Reserve Base has a total storage capacity of 800,000 m3, around 5 million bbl, and stores mainly imported crude. It is an important strategic facility for China’s energy security.

Sinopec said the commercial reserve and the Government have made great efforts to coordinate the railway transportation of crude oil to Luoyang, and ensure the continued supply of oil to the Luoyang petrochemical plant.

The storage work began on 31 July, 2020, but with a sulphur content of up to 2.5% in the oil, engineers at the Luoyang Petrochemical Company needed to take preventative measures against hydrogen sulphide, and strengthened storage. It said: “Regular inspections and monitoring are carried out by workers wearing the correct protective equipment to ensure safety of operations.”

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14th August 2020