Lukoil has commenced road bitumen production at its Perm refinery in Russia. The product complies with the new national standard requiring extended life and advanced durability of materials.

The earlier commissioned railway overpass for discharge of fuel oils ensures an efficient utilisation rate of the petroleum-residue recycling plant and of bitumen production capacities, the latter amounting to 2,400 metric tonnes a day.

Lukoil Lubricants Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary responsible for the marketing of lubricants and asphaltic products, will undertake the shipment and marketing of these products of the Perm refinery. 

In 2017, Lukoil and the Transport Ministry of the Perm Region signed an agreement envisaging the company’s involvement in the supplies of locally produced high-quality bitumen products for road construction. The parties have also agreed to conduct joint tests of advanced asphaltic materials at pilot stretches of motor roads under construction in the region.

The Perm refinery processes blended crudes from northern Perm Oblast and Western Siberia. It recently underwent a $50m reconstruction of the diesel hydrodearomatisation section of the site’s hydrocracking unit to enable hydrodewaxing for expanded production of Euro 5-quality diesel in 2016.

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4th June 2018

4th June 2018