Sonangol, the Angolan state oil company, has announced it will be able to use the Pumangol fuel terminal, in Luanda, to establish a stockpile of fuel. The announcement comes after an agreement was signed with the Angolan subsidiary of Singapore group Puma Energy.

The statement said: “the agreement reached is satisfactory to both parties and will make it possible to meet fuel needs, as well as being a demonstration of increased cooperation between the two companies.”

Pumangol operates in Angola in the storage and distribution of fuels, bitumen and asphalt emulsions and derivatives. The agreement will enable Sonangol to use the facilities at near to their total capacity, which estimated at 300,000 cubic metres, as well as other logistics options it offers.

Elsewhere in the statement, Sonangol gave assurances that it remains committed to the project for the construction of the Barra do Dande Ocean Terminal, which in the province of Malange. It said this venture “will increase onshore storage capacity and contribute to the creation of a stockpile of liquid and gaseous fuels for the country”.

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24th April 2020