VH Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities is to invest $61m (€52m) in two operating terminal storage sites on the Texas Gulf Coast as its first investment since its initial public offering.

The London-listed investment company advised by Victory Hill Capital Advisors has also committed further capital to develop and expand the sites before the end of the year.

VH Global said it will be partnering with the newly formed Motus Energy to operate and expand the two operating terminal storage assets with a view to displacing highly pollutive fuel sources produced in Mexico.

The terminals to be acquired will serve as a distribution point for clean, low sulphur fuels into the Mexican power and transportation markets. The terminals will be used for the export of domestically produced high sulphur fuel oil from Mexico to the US, a fuel product that contains as much as 2-4 percent sulphur.

For more information visit www.vh-gseo.com

12th April 2021