Loadtec Engineered Systems’ Marine Arm division has been acquired by Woodfield Systems. Woodfield Systems has been manufacturing marine arms since the 1950’s.

Sales have been very strong, from a standing start, and the division has reached a point where it needs to develop and grow, within a like-minded business. Woodfield Systems Ltd has the resource and ambition to support the Loadtec Marine Arm product range and it will complement the established Woodfield Marine Arm brands which have a long and important history. The core Loadtec Marine team will also transfer to Woodfield.

Alec Keeler, Managing Director of Loadtec, said: “We have long enjoyed a friendly relationship with Woodfield Systems Ltd and their enthusiasm for this transaction made the offer a very compelling proposal for both companies. We are excited to see how they will develop the Loadtec Marine Arm brand using their resource and support activities and we wish them well. Our people were key to the success of this and we were very fortunate to have an excellent team on board.”

David Williams, Sales Director of Woodfield Systems Ltd, said: “This is an exciting time for Woodfield Systems Ltd and the acquisition of the Loadtec Marine Loading Arm division will complement our existing range of marine loading arms. Additionally, the extensive knowledge that comes with the personnel joining from Loadtec Marine Arms, will strengthen and enhance the Woodfield team.”

Loadtec Engineered Systems will continue to focus on its core competence, Road and Rail Tanker Bulk Liquid Transfer, Fall Prevention Systems and Marine Gangways. Alec Keeler stated: “The markets are seeking more sophistication in their automation of manual processes along with increased safety assurance. We are taking strong and positive steps to lead the way with new products and packages that represent the cutting edge of what is achievable in Chemical plants and terminals.”

For more information visit www.loadtec.co.uk

24th May 2019