10.06.16. Loadtec Engineered Systems has created a new servicing company, Loadtec Service Ltd, aimed at providing lifetime servicing and support for road, sea and marine loading and access equipment.
Loadtec managing director Alec Keeler opted to launch the servicing company after seeing what he felt was a gap in the market for after-care service.
“We hear so many stories about service teams that do not meet customer expectations, overcharge the client for spares and fail to arrive when promised,” he said. “Some are poorly prepared, have little or no knowledge of the equipment to be serviced or, through poor communication, have assumed plant availability that just isn’t there. This didn’t happen in the days of telex and fax, so why, in 2016, is it happening now.”
Loadtec Servicing will be led by the group’s marine loading arms, ports and technology expert Martin Dicke-Künitz, and Rob Williams, who recently joined Loadtec as marine service manager.

10th June 2016