Spain’s CLH Group has is introducing a new system at its facilities aimed at carrying out oil product loading operations in road tankers in a safer and more environmentally-friendly manner.
The new system will require an investment of over €6 million by CLH and oil operators.
A new piece of equipment, named ‘Purging Control and Compartment Identification System’ (SIMAC-ICOMPP), automatically verifies that the tanks of the trucks are completely empty before filling, that fuel is loaded into the correct compartment and that the quantity does not exceed capacity. In the event of an error, the system would not allow loading operations to take place until the incident is resolved.
The correct implementation simply requires road tankers to have a small identification device mounted in each compartment of the tanks, facilitating fast and simple vehicle adaptation. These devices can also record the information generated in the loading process, so that it can later be transferred to external systems for data management.
CLH developed the equipment in cooperation with the Montrel industrial group and Hamburg-based Sening division of FMC Technologies, with the intention of implementing it in road tankers across Spain, the EU and the rest of the world, taking advantage of the fact that international regulations for this activity are similar. Its patent has also been registered.

29th November 2016