A five-year agreement for LNG storage and reload services at the SLNG Terminal on Jurong Island has been signed by Pavilion Energy Pte Ltd and Singapore LNG Corp. Pte Ltd (SLNG). This is the first such agreement signed for a term longer than two years, following a competitive bid process.

Under the agreement, Pavilion Energy will have access to tank capacity of 180 000 m3 on a segregated basis at the SLNG Terminal over the next five years. In a statement, Pavilion said the agreement “further strengthened the cooperation between the two companies”.

The enhanced capacity will support a higher volume of LNG trading activities, including LNG breakbulk and vessel cool-down services. It also means Pavilion Energy will have greater flexibility in managing its LNG portfolio, market fluctuations and demand dynamics, thanks to the contract’s longer tenure.

Frédéric H. Barnaud, Group CEO of Pavilion Energy, said: “Pavilion Energy is pleased to renew the partnership with SLNG. Tank capacity in Singapore presents greater opportunities for LNG optimisation and trading in the Asia-Pacific Basin. It complements well our LNG/gas trading activities in the Atlantic Basin. Pavilion Energy has held true to our commitment to facilitate wide access to the SLNG Terminal, contributing to the vibrancy of Singapore’s LNG market.”

Tan Soo Koong, CEO of SLNG, added: “SLNG has taken bold steps to develop infrastructure and create new service offerings to meet the needs of the industry, and we will continue to do so. We are primed to play our part in helping Singapore achieve its ambition of becoming an LNG hub, through catalysing LNG-related businesses such as LNG Trading, Small-Scale LNG Distribution, LNG Bunkering, and more.”

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14th March 2020