The project for the construction of the first liquefied natural gas terminal on the Tyrrhenian coast has been launched. The newly formed company “Livorno LNG Terminal” will build the new LNG plant at the Port of Livorno, Italy.

The company is jointly owned by Costiero Gas Livorno, a joint venture between Enifuel and Liquigas, and Neri Vulcangas Investimenti, a joint venture between Neri Costieri Costieri and Societa ‘Italiana

An investment of over €50m, co-financed by the European Commission, has been put on the table to realise 9,000 cubic metre capacity project.

The first phase of the project will see half the intended capacity to be built to allow the reception and storage of LNG, the supply by gas tankers and the subsequent distribution.

The terminal will be constructed in the zone of berths 12 and 13, a space currently used by the companies of the Neri family for the storage of rubber latex

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6th Mar 2018

6th March 2018