Linseed Field Power Corp, part of Atlantic Gulf and Pacific Co, intends to commission its planned LNG import terminal project in Ilijan, Batangas by June next year, it said.

The facility will occupy 9 hectares of land and will have a storage capacity of 137,000 cubic metres for the 1,200 megawatts (MW) Ilijan combined-cycle power plant and its planned 850 MW expansion.

“Without the proposed LNG terminal, the power plant which supplies more than 10 percent of the 11,304 MW capacity of the Luzon grid would have to try extending its supply agreement with Malampaya (which is) not likely due to almost depleted supply available or cease operations altogether. The terminal is also going to supply to the proposed 850 MW mid-merit plant scheduled to commence operations in 2022,” the report stated.

Based on an environmental impact statement, the project will cost $304 million and involve the construction and deployment of floating storage unit (FSU), storage LNG tank, jetty, mooring, cryogenic pipelines and truck loading facilities.

The project will initially use onshore regasification, storage, utilities and balance of plant supplemented with a FSU.

The area’s natural gas production is expected to be depleted by 2027 to 2029.

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16th February 2021