Limetree Refining will start up initial units “over the next couple of weeks” at its 200,000 b/d refinery in St Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), the company said last week.

“Additional units” will begin start-up in the following weeks in September. Limetree did not comment on planned run rates.

Limetree will operate refurbished portions of the former 525,000 b/d Hovensa refinery, a joint venture of Venezuelan national oil company PdV and U.S. independent Hess that shut down in 2011 after years of losses.

ArcLight Capital agreed to attempt to restart the facility as part of its purchase of storage and marine infrastructure associated with the refinery for conversion into a terminal operation.

Limetree planned to start up by the end of last year, in time to take advantage of new lower-sulphur marine fuel regulations that were expected to stoke diesel demand and support fuel supply from the island. But corrosion issues and then efforts to control the risk of COVID-19 among contractors at the facility slowed work this year.

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17th August 2020