Colonial Pipeline is implementing its seasonal preparedness plans as part of its “commitment to excellence”. As the nation’s largest refined products pipeline, Colonial Pipeline takes proactive measures to ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of its 5,500 mile system. 

This includes seasonal preparations Colonial implements on an annual basis, per its natural disaster preparedness and response plan. June 1 to November 30 is defined as hurricane season in the United States. As a result, Colonial’s preparations are already underway.

These measures include:

  • Reviewing hurricane preparedness plans and updating as appropriate.
  • Ensuring emergency response equipment is inventoried and in top working condition. 
  • Placing additional equipment at appropriate facilities to support storm response.
  • Reviewing and updating contracts with vendors and other special services.
  • Monitoring multiple forecasting systems to ensure any response effort is well prepared.


In the event of a hurricane, Colonial Pipeline said it will implement emergency response plans “which prioritise the safety of people and the continued safe operation of the pipeline. Additionally, the company will communicate with its employees, contractors, customers, government officials, regulators and the media to keep these key stakeholders updated on the company’s efforts.” 

Wes Dunbar, Colonial Vice President of Operations, said: “Colonial Pipeline delivers critical supplies of gasoline, jet fuel, diesel and home heating oil to markets from Houston to the New York Harbor. It is our duty to be as prepared as possible so that we can continue to safely deliver refined products to where needed on behalf of our customers.

“The safety of the public, our employees and contractors, and the safe operation of our pipeline will remain our top priority in all circumstances.”

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28th May 2020