The Port of Amsterdam and European tank storage company Evos have joined forces with three specialist hydrogen companies to investigate the technical and commercial feasibility of industrial scale hydrogen imports at the port.

The H2Gate project will see the partners joined by Electriq Global, Hydrogenious and HySiLabs to develop a blueprint for a storage, import, distribution and trading hub, with a throughput capacity of 1 million tonnes of hydrogen annually.

The H2Gate participants believe that the project is an important step towards creating a commercial-scale international supply chain for hydrogen. They expect hydrogen to be crucial to the energy transition and the European target of becoming climate neutral by 2050, and imports will be necessary to meet demand. The Port of Amsterdam is already a major international energy hub, and there are a number of local initiatives to develop a green hydrogen hub, including for production.

The three specialist companies have all developed their own liquid hydrogen fuel carriers – Electriq Global produces Eletriq Fuel, Hydrogenious has developed Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC), and Hysilabs is the developer of HydroSil.

H2Gate will explore hydrogen carrier technologies as a way to overcome the challenges of transporting and storing compressed and cooled hydrogen. Further studies into the design of the hub, including pilot projects, may follow the main feasibility study.

“As the Port of Amsterdam, we want to be at the forefront of the energy transition. Our established position as a formidable, international energy hub means we have the infrastructure, the partners and the knowledge and experience to be a catalyst for new, sustainable energy products. We are proud to work with Evos and other partners on H2Gate. It shows how innovative and enterprising the Amsterdam port is,” said Eduard de Visser, head of strategy and innovation at Port of Amsterdam.

Ramon Ernst, managing director of Evos Amsterdam, added: “This project fits perfectly with our ambition to develop infrastructure solutions for a carbon-free energy future. The expertise of Evos lie in the storage and handling of large quantities of energy products and we would like to expand our portfolio with new clean forms. We are pleased to be able to work with capable and motivated partners towards a shared vision.”

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19th March 2021