KROHNE has launched the SHD 200 control unit for 4-20mA/HART field instruments. Suitable for all KROHNE and other field devices using analogue 4-20mA output or HART as digital communication. The SHD 200 can also be used as a control unit for basic functions and as a local display.

Its features include customer-specific measurement pages displaying up to four different values with trend graph and summary, a second 4-20 mA output for any HART variable and status indication using five LEDs according to NAMUR NE107. 

Key Features

  • Second 4…20 mA output for any HART® variable
  • Two configurable relays for status output, system alarm or limit switch
  • Status signalisation by five LEDs according to NAMUR NE 107
  • User-configurable measurement pages for all 4-20 mA and HART® signals including trend graph and summary page

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22nd June 2020