Luca Bignotti, Manager Operations at Koole Tankstorage Botlek, said: “Coming soon in operation!” Koole Tankstorage Botlek (Rotterdam) located on the banks of the Oude Maas river! (KTB2).

“The jetty of KTB2 in the Oude Maas river is currently under construction to be used shortly, for Bio Fuel products. The KTB2 site on the Oude Maas river side is connected by underground pipes to the KTB site. This gives KTB extra jetty capacity in addition to the jetties that are constructed in the 3rd petroleum harbour.”

He added that behind the in and outlet for this jetty, an additional operational volume of 83,000 cubic meters will shortly be added to KTB’s operational capacity. 

These tanks will be connected to a completely new pump place and infra. Commissioning is ongoing.

He concluded: “KTB is on track!!”

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19th June 2020