The first truck with Pyrolysis oil arrived at Koole Tankstorage Botlek from Spain in January. The truck arrived one day earlier than the unloading date for sampling, so it could be determined with which ratio the NAFTA should be unloaded to stay within the specifications of the end product.

“The unloading of the first 10 tonnes went smoothly,” noted Koole Terminals. “The driver who collected the product in Spain was very pleased with the welcome at both the loading locations and Koole Terminal. In both cases he was very warmly received, at Koole a SABIC team was even waiting for him so they could witness this milestone for the Pyrolysis project of SABIC. For the SABIC team this was the closure of a hectic six months to get this project on track.”

Pyrolysis oil is very special as it originates from used plastic. Ten tonnes of Pyrolysis oil is made from thirteen tonnes of old plastic. This oil is added to the raw material for their production by chemical company SABIC and used again for making plastic. Despite the fact that the product was new to the terminal, the acceptance process was quick and efficient because of regular and good communication with the customer.

This project is a perfect example of the circular economy, where waste from a product is used to produce a high-quality equivalent product again. Koole management is convinced that the role of products in the renewable and circular economy will only increase in the future and also welcomes developments from an environmental perspective. Koole Tankstorage Botlek is therefore proud that they can play an important role in this supply chain of SABIC.

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11th March 2019