Kogas, South Korea’s state-owned organisation, plans to build its fifth LNG storage terminal on the west coast of the country by 2031 accoring to Platts.

The terminal will have 10 tanks, each with a capacity of 200,000 kiloliters.

In a statement, chief of the utility’s facility planning team, Jeon Sang-Cheol said: “Under the first phase, the company will build four tanks by 2025, which will be followed by the second phase for the remaining six tanks by 2031. Exact location of the new terminal inside Dangjin will be finalized by the end of this year, which will be followed by a feasibility study by the finance ministry for budget.”

Kogas is the world largest buying of LNG.

For more information visit www.kogas.or.kr

17th October 2017

17th October 2017