Japan-based ITOCHU ENEX, the ITOCHU Corporation and Vopak Terminals Singapore have said they will “study the feasibility of developing a supply chain in Singapore for ammonia for use as a marine fuel”.

As well as supporting the feasibility study, Vopak will promote the development of an onshore facility to store and handle ammonia with loading and unloading facilities. It has expertise in this area through its Banyan Terminal in Singapore.

Under a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MOU), ITOCHU ENEX will look at the use of distribution ships for fuel supply. ITOCHU meanwhile will promote the development of an offshore facility, such as a floating tank or fuel supply ship, alongside ITOCHU ENEX. 

It will use its networks to form partnerships in Japan and elsewhere with relevant companies, such as those in shipping and ammonia production. ITOCHU and ITOCHU ENEX will also seek to develop an ammonia-fuelled zero-emission ship with other partners, which they say is a key element.

ITOCHU Group said: “ITOCHU Group intends to promote initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases with the cooperation of domestic and overseas companies, as well as the relevant government agencies.”

For more information visit www.itochu.co.jp

18th June 2020