Irving Oil has opened its Halifax Harbour Terminal, located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.
The C$80 million reactivation project involved significant investment in existing assets on site, including storage facilities, loading equipment, jetty, and supporting infrastructure. The terminal was operated in Dartmouth for nearly 50 years until its deactivation in 2002. In April 2015, Irving announced it would reactivate the facility, enabling the storage and distribution of gasoline, diesel, home heating oil, marine transport fuel, and jet fuel for customers throughout Nova Scotia.
“This is a great day for our company. We’re committed to remaining competitive and firmly established here in Atlantic Canada by investing in our business, our people and our communities,” said Ian Whitcomb, president of Irving Oil. “We’ve proudly served our customers in Nova Scotia for 80 years and the Halifax Harbour Terminal will ensure we can continue do so for generations to come.”
Chairman Arthur Irving added: “We have always enjoyed doing business in Nova Scotia. We are proud to open our Halifax Harbour terminal, supporting our long-term commitment to our customers and to Atlantic Canada.”
“I’m very pleased to see this maritime company creating new jobs and re-investing in Nova Scotia,” said energy minister Michel Samson. “This project will give a boost to our economy while making our gasoline and fuel oil supply more reliable.”
“Market conditions have changed a lot over the last several years in Nova Scotia and our investment reflects our confidence in, and commitment to, Nova Scotia as we continue to ensure a secure and reliable energy supply for the province,” says Mark Sherman, vice-president and chief operating officer. “It’s exciting to see the Acadian alongside the jetty today – it will be just one of a fleet of ships regularly calling here, making this terminal an integral hub for serving the energy needs of Nova Scotia.”

2nd November 2016