A new IoT bundled solution for remote tank monitoring has been announced by ClearBlade and Radio Bridge Inc.

Utilising LoRaWan communication between the Radio Bridge sensors and gateways, it addresses the network and connectivity issues that typically exist on remote industrial sites.

It’s a combination of hardware and industrial IoT software, designed to address the challenge of accurately monitoring and reporting on tank levels.

Additionally, the ClearBlade platform enables enterprises to take the normalised data directly from the Radio Bridge sensors in the field and enrich existing enterprise tools such as ServiceNow, IBM Maximo, SAP HANA, and others.

Aaron Allsbrook, CTO of ClearBlade, said: “With all the great technological advances the oil & gas industry has seen over the last few years, we still see tremendous opportunities to improve processes and reduce costs with our automated out-of-the-box monitoring solution.”

The bundled solution can be tested through the purchase of a deployment kit that includes five sensors, a LoraWan gateway, ClearBlade Edge software, Tank Monitoring Solution, and setup services. The solution is also available as a SaaS solution or with an enterprise licensing agreement.

For more information visit www.clearblade.com

14th September 2020