Inter Terminals is raising capacity utilisation across its European storage network to meet increased activity levels. The company’s total capacity in Europe currently stands at over 4.25 million cbm.
At Inter Terminals Denmark, three tanks with a combined capacity of 37,600 cbm at the Asnaes Oil Terminal (AOT) are being returned to service in response to continuing strength in the heated oil market. A further two tanks, each with a capacity of 20,000 cbm, have recently been recommissioned at AOT and are already being used to store heated fuel oil.
In the UK, Inter Terminals has launched a project to convert a variety of mild steel tanks with a combined capacity of just under 34,000 cbm at its Immingham East and West Terminals to meet changing market requirements. The company’s project engineering team is adapting former heavy fuel oil storage for distillates. The project represents a sizeable conversion of Inter Terminals’ remaining oil storage capacity in the UK to meet increasing demand for diesel storage.
Capacity has been increased at the company’s facilities at Mannheim, Germany via construction of six 1,500 cbm specialised stainless steel tanks. The tanks were built offsite prior to being lifted in place during a specialised 10-hour operation. The €6 million project was completed on time and on budget and with exemplary safety performance. All six tanks are now fully operational.
Additional tank capacity is also being used in Sweden where the company operates a four-terminal complex. Extra tanks are being used to store 20,000 cbm of fuel oil at Gothenburg and 19,500 cbm of methanol at Malmö.

29th November 2016