Inter Pipeline has celebrated one million hours worked without a recordable incident at its Heartland Petrochemical Complex in Alberta, Canada.

“Our foundation of safety is strong and will continue to move us forward with success as construction continues on-site. Congratulations to all of those involved with the project,” said the company.

Dustin Thatcher is the Supervisor of Project Health and Safety at Inter Pipeline Ltd. “This result is the outcome of an incredible effort from the entire workforce – every single person must buy in, in order to achieve these results,” Dustin told reporters. “It shows you the project’s commitment to safety is right across the board, and we are proud of that.”

Inter Pipeline’s Heartland Complex leadership team have all participated in Alkoomi, a specialised leadership program that encourages employees to be personally invested in the work site’s culture and exemplify what they believe.

Dustin noted that due to the employee’s commitment to the project and work safety, the Heartland Petrochemical Complex construction remains on time and on budget. 

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6th June 2019