MHT Technology has announced that INDEX has officially signed off the project handover for the Phichit and Lampang sites.

These sites are part of the pipeline project to increase infrastructure in the North of Thailand, “creating growth of all industries in that area and relieve roads of dangerous traffic,” MHT said.

These former greenfield sites are now managing their truck loading operation using Terminalvision and Queuing, and their inventory with Tankvision Professional.

This is an important development as MHT are helping these sites achieve “zero loss” by the combination of the tank gauging and terminal automation software. Incoming amounts from the pipeline system are recorded and truck loadings are automatically registered. Both the input and output from the site can then be reconciled against the physical stock at the beginning and the end of the transaction period. Reports can then be generated and allow either confirmation of a smooth operation or to highlight irregularities.

The handover is significant because the customer has plans to start work on a 3rd site in 2021.

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21st December 2020