The International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) and the Indian Ports Association (IPA) have signed an agreement “to collaborate to share best practices on handling and management of liquid commodities to achieve the highest levels of operational excellence”.

The agreement comes as IPA hosts the 2021 Maritime India Summit (2-4 March) that provides a unique virtual and physical platform for discussion, education and collaboration among shipping and transport ministers and executives from all over the world. 

“ILTA is honoured to participate in this important international collaboration,” said ILTA president Kathryn Clay, who will speak at the summit on 4 March. “I commend the Indian Port Association and the other event organisers for their leadership in bringing together partners from around the world to share knowledge to the benefit of our respective members.” 

The IPA/ILTA agreement will facilitate an information exchange about operational best practices and workforce training. The MOU focuses on the following elements:

  • Exchange of operational best practices, human resources and management topics, and benchmarking industry performance.
  • Information sharing related to training activities, including safety and emergency response preparedness.
  • Jointly organising sessions on facility integrity, asset protection, management systems and contractor management.


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4th March 2021