Kathryn Clay, president of the International Liquid Terminals Association, has praised president Joe Biden for prioritising the improvement of the nation’s infrastructure.

President Biden has outlined a massive infrastructure package that includes many issues of importance to the liquid terminals industry.

“ILTA echoes president Biden’s call for substantial investment to improve the nation’s infrastructure. Liquid terminals are connected to many modes of transportation, including ports, harbours, inland waterways, highways, rail and pipelines. All these transportation modes are essential channels for trade and interstate commerce,” said Clay.

She added: “The need for infrastructure investment is clear. The American Society of Civil Engineers recently released a report card that gave America’s overall infrastructure a grade of C-minus. Inland waterways received an even lower grade of D-plus.

“For decades, maintenance and upgrades to US waterways – whether inland or at the nation’s ports and harbours – has been woefully underfunded. We urge congress to quickly take up the infrastructure package. America must position itself for a future that will include robust trade.”

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1st April 2021