Kathryn Clay, president of the International Liquid Terminals Association, has commended the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for proposing a rule to allow added flexibility to terminal operators while maintaining the scheduled tank inspection timelines:

Clay said: “The new rule will broaden the applicability of a more modern standard that has applied for years to aboveground storage tanks subject to Maximum Achievable Control Technology requirements.”

Under appropriate circumstances, she said this update will allow industry to maintain compliance commitments without unnecessarily taking tanks out of service. (i.e. Kb tanks to comply with the provisions of 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart WW).

She described the rule as “a common-sense solution that will lower emissions, ensure safety and provide operators with increased regulatory flexibility”.

By allowing greater use of a well-established, safe and effective inspection method, Clay said this new policy is “a meaningful contribution to our shared goal of environmentally responsible facility management”.

She concluded: “ILTA and its members appreciate EPA’s efforts to address an issue that became especially challenging in recent months due to the pandemic-related imbalances in petroleum and fuels markets that constrained the storage sector.”

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8th October 2020