Ikon Midstream has opened a new fuel terminal to serve the Laredo, TX market. The terminal consists of seven fuel storage tanks with a collective capacity of 160,000 barrels of product (6,720,000 gallons). 

In regards to blending services, the company holds three automated diesel & bio-diesel loading stations. Two of the three bays are backed by automated bottom loading facility and have been modernised recently to extend state of the art services to customers.

“We are excited to launch the first fuel terminal of Laredo. We observed that the city lacks a fuel terminal and the fuel distributors here usually have a hard time in sourcing fuels. The lack of competition also offers an open market for us to scale up our growth in the region. We promise high end blended fuels at competitive prices for the local US distributors here who cater to a large client base in Mexico,” stated Rhett Kenagy, the Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner of Ikon Midstream.

Ikon Midstream specialises in buying and blending high quality gasoline & diesel fuel from raw materials sourced from Houston-based refineries. As a registered supplier into Mexico, the company supplies all NOM 16 approved ULSD, High Sulfur Diesel, Gasoline, bio-diesel and also LPG to the Mexican market through its strategic unloading stations in Mexico. Ikon is registered through SAM with the federal government.

To meet the growing demand for blended fuel, Ikon Midstream is currently in an expansion spree and has expanded its production capacity from 20 fuel trucks a day to 100 a day.

“Mexico is now deregulated for the first time and fuel is not controlled by their government anymore. Our Laredo terminal will enable more Mexican distributors to import their own fuel easily from now on.”

For more information, visit www.ikonmidstream.com

9th August 2018

9th August 2018