Owners of storage tanks understand the burden of inspecting tank shells and roofs for corrosion degradation, according to Edwin Van Der Leden, product sales specialist – Silverwing, for Eddyfi Technologies.

On the one hand, he said the inspection quality needs to be met, while on the other hand personnel safety needs to be ensured: “To make it even more complicated, downtime of the asset needs to be minimised.”

He added: “A traditional way of performing these wall thickness degradation inspections is by using ultrasonic wall thickness spot check measurements with a rope access approach or by building scaffolding. This approach leads to an intense inspection performance, while the gathered data on the asset is limited. In many cases, shutdown of the asset is also required.”

For this reason, he said Eddyfi Technologies has developed a dedicated tank inspection crawler, the Silverwing Scorpion 2: “With its unique design features and high inspection speed, the examination of tank shells and roofs is no longer a challenge. The remote access crawler enables fast inspections with high quality and high-density wall thickness data.”

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22nd October 2020