As customers are requiring the ability to move greater volumes of compressed gases including natural gas, hydrogen and industrial gases. In order to meet this demand, Hexagon developed a new Mobile Pipeline® gas transport module, the TITAN®53, which employs the largest composite cylinder tanks in the world. 

The newly developed cylinders and module optimise weight and capacity to meet the 80,000 lbs GVW limit in most of the United States delivering an estimated gas volume of 492,000 scf / 13,932 scm.

Over 12,000 energy industry executives and leaders will have an exclusive opportunity to see the 53-foot-long system at the World Gas Conference 2018 in Washington, DC after the unveiling on June 26 at 12:30 pm EDT.

Hexagon’s Mobile Pipeline President Jack Schimenti will introduce the TITAN®53 at the Gas for Transportation Pavilion and share how it delivers almost 40% greater payload while retaining all the advantages of the TITAN® platform. Applications for TITAN®53 include energy intensive industries converting to natural gas, virtual interconnects, gas islands, vehicle refuelling, and transporting industrial gases.

In the Industry Insights program at the conference, Hexagon Director Mark Babcock will discuss gas distribution and sustainability considerations including use of the TITAN®53 on June 28. Mark will present Mobile Pipeline®: A Distributed Energy Solution for Natural Gas, Renewable Natural Gas, and Hydrogen based on his paper that was selected by the International Gas Union for outstanding industry innovation.

Hexagon’s international team will be on site at the show to discuss how over 1,100 units of Mobile Pipeline® modules have been successfully deployed around the world through 2017.

The TITAN®53 is the most recent example of how Hexagon is adapting leading composite pressure vessel technology for a wide range of applications for compressed natural gas, hydrogen, propane and industrial gases.

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22nd June 2018